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With the relaunch of hommel-kaffeesysteme.de, we achieved significant success within a year - comparing August 2021 to August 2022 - in terms of user engagement, click rates, and increased visibility on Google.

Our client

Jean Hommel GmbH, a family business established in 1846 in Aschaffenburg, has a rich history in trading household goods since its origins as a cutlery shop. Over the years the company has also built strong ties with the gastronomy sector. Since its acquisition by the current management in 2006, the company has specialized in the coffee industry. In addition to their physical store, they also operate an online shop through which they distribute their products. To highlight Hommel's coffee offerings in the realm of e-commerce, we aimed to enhance online marketing efforts, particularly for the coffee-focused website hommel-kaffeesysteme.de. 

Initial situation

Jean Hommel GmbH and Sunlab have a long-standing business relationship. We've been collaborating with the coffee specialist from Aschaffenburg since 2016. Therefore, we were more than happy to take on the SEO management of the hommel-kaffeesysteme.de relaunch.


Workshops and training

As part of the relaunch preparation, we initially conducted a workshop with Hommel's management. During this workshop, we discussed fundamental SEO topics, such as why SEO measures are essential, how search engines operate, what "crawling" entails, and the significance of ranking factors.

Additionally, Sunlab experts provided an introduction to the content management system Wordpress, along with plugin recommendations for optimizing SEO performance. Aspects of content creation and media optimization on a website (such as loading speed) were also covered.

We also conducted training for the Hommel team regarding appropriate website structure, the necessity of redirects, and Google's guidelines for best practice.

Technical SEO optimization & guide content

The Sunlab team took the initiative to implement several SEO measures for the relaunch. Firstly, we established all necessary redirects between the old and new versions of the website. Furthermore, we conducted keyword research for the content section of the new website, resulting in a range of recommended topics

Topics for value-added content:

  • Coffee for beginners, enthusiasts, and professionals 

  • Following the customer journey addressing search intentions: information, navigation, purchase preparation, purchase intent, local search 

  • Recipes, troubleshooting after purchase 

After the relaunch, a follow-up workshop was conducted for Hommel, revisiting SEO and Wordpress basics. Additionally, topics such as maintaining category and product pages, optimizing snippets, and elements of ideal website content were discussed. Since then, Sunlab has been responsible for the ongoing optimization of all SEO measures.

Laptop-Mock-Up mit der Hommel-Website

Results and achievements

Through the aforementioned measures during the relaunch, Jean Hommel GmbH, in collaboration with Sunlab, achieved significant milestones. Particularly through the establishment of a coffee guide and the technical optimization of the website, hommel-kaffeesysteme.de significantly improved its online presence in the first year of collaboration. For instance, impressions increased by 341 %, and clicks by 223 %. You can find these and other figures from the comparison between August 2021 and August 2022 in the overview below: 

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+341 %

Impressions (SEO)

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+223 %

Clicks (SEO)

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+93 %


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+180 %


Furthermore, the domain's visibility has experienced a positive impact too. Since the relaunch, visibility has increased by 1700 %.

Chart showing the percentage change in the visibility index of our client Hommel

Next steps

To gain nationwide recognition, the focus now lies on maintaining and expanding the level of consistent content output

Additionally, the Sunlab team continuously optimizes the website to convince new and existing users of the offerings at hommel-kaffeesysteme.de. Moreover, our future goal is to encourage users acquired through organic channels to engage with the website.

"Despite the challenging past years due to the pandemic, we have celebrated success after the relaunch and continue working towards our goals. The Sunlab team has shown exceptional commitment, expertise and friendliness throughoutWe look forward to our further collaboration!"

Portrait von Michael Murschel

Michael Murschel

Managing Director, Jean Hommel GmbH

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