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TikTok Shop is already a huge success in the USA, the UK and Asia. In China itself, Douyin generates more than $20 billion a year. The European launch is expected in the near future. We offer full service and consulting offerings for the operation of a successful TikTok Shop.

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Social Commerce on the rise

TikTok Shop aims to achieve a GMV of $50 billion outside China by 2024, with $17.5 billion (1/3) expected to be generated in the USA.

According to unofficial sources, the following countries are planned for the European launch: Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Ireland. The sales commission will range between 4% and 6%, most likely oriented towards England - TikTok Shop has been available in the UK since 2021.

Our services

Sunlab employs over 80 specialists in performance marketing, technology and e-commerce. We are one of the first German agencies to cover the full TikTok Shop spectrum.

Before the European launch, our focus is on the USA and Great Britain. In these countries we help with the opening of a TikTok Shop and offer the following services:

Market analysis

  • Which TikTok Shops are currently active in the area

  • Size of target groups and trends in the segment

Full-service operation

  • Complete management, optimization and control of the TikTok Shop

Account Setup

  • Assistance with the Seller Central account setup

  • TikTok Shop creation

  • Support with the verification process

  • Connection to the shop system

  • Verification support

  • Live connection of the TikTok Shop

Data stack

  • TikTok Shop E-Commerce Connector for exporting data to a data warehouse, database or Google Spreadsheet

  • Reporting dashboard for TikTok Shop, C-Level and operational

  • Define KPIs and target values

TikTok Shop Ads

  • Creating and optimizing TikTok Shop Ads to increase store sales

  • Creation and segmentation of target groups

  • Consulting for Live Shopping Ads content

Affiliate management

  • Scouting and acquisition of TikTok affiliates / influencers

  • Regular promotions and preparation of offers

  • Monitoring and further development of affiliate partnerships

  • If necessary, acquisition for a private network (for expansion to Instagram, YouTube, etc.)

What is required to start a TikTok Shop?

To be able to start a TikTok Shop in the USA or UK (and later Europe), the following is required:

  • A registered company in the respective country

  • Personal verification of the managing director/owner of the company with TikTok

  • A shipping warehouse in the relevant country

    Alternatively: Use of TikTok Fulfillment (FBT)

  • A registered and established trademark to be able to place corresponding products

  • A bank account in the relevant country for payouts

  • An active TikTok profile with content in the respective national language

Technically, a TikTok store can be operated without a connection to an e-commerce system, but this is generally not recommended (due to accounting aspects, returns handling, etc.). There are currently the following direct connections to the TikTok Shop:

  • Shopify

  • WooCommerce

  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud

  • BigCommerce

  • Magento

An individual connection to another shop system is also possible if the potential assessment offers good prospects.

In which countries is TikTok Shop available?

  • USA

  • United Kingdom

  • Indonesia

  • Malaysia

  • Thailand

  • Philippines

  • Singapore

  • Vietnam

In Europe, the TikTok Shop will be launched in Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Ireland at a later date.

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