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Every customer journey is unique. We support you with data-driven solutions to optimally identify and utilize your customers' touchpoints, always with the goal of retaining satisfied customers in the long term.

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CRM experiences a renaissance

In the era of the "cookie apocalypse" and far-reaching privacy measures on the internet, customer relationship management (CRM) has gained significant relevance for every advertiser aiming to engage with their customers effectively. Therefore, it has never been more important to collect and store data in a privacy-compliant manner (first-party data) and encourage customers to proactively and intentionally share as much information as possible (zero-party data). To fully benefit from this infrastructure, we accurately integrate all information into your CRM system.

Our approach to CRM

We enhance your Customer Relationship Management with our data-driven approach. By activating your customers across all relevant channels and carefully observing their interactions we ensure a perfectly aligned customer experience. 

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However, even excellent technology alone is not enough. It's only when CRM is fully embraced and practiced throughout the organization its full potential can unfold, making it a crucial factor for success. This includes not only the right tech infrastructure and applied tools but also efficient workflows and exceptionally service-oriented employees. All these components ultimately contribute to realizing the long-term business objective of "customer satisfaction." Along this path, we provide advisory support and optimize your CRM strategy to align perfectly with your specific challenges and goals.

Our services in CRM

We support your customer relationship management with the following services:

  • CRM strategy

  • CRM operations

  • CRM tool selection and support

  • Segmentation and monitoring

  • Establishment of a cloud-based Customer Data Platform (CDP)

  • In-house tools for cost-effective distribution of e.g. newsletters

  • Looker Studio dashboards and reporting

CRM platforms

In addition to our experience from various client projects, we also work with marketing and CRM tools within the Sunlab Holding. Therefore, we are familiar with the opportunities as well as the challenges of CRM tools from all perspectives. With a strong network of technology companies, direct contacts at the leading platforms, and extensive practical experience, we are here to assist you with your CRM project. Our preferred solutions include Google Cloud CDP, Twilio Segment, HubSpot, Braze, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

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