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Our innovative tools bring together efficiency and customization in your campaigns, ensuring measurable success - always perfectly aligned with your specific marketing goals.

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Embark on an automated future

As a leading performance marketing agency we focus on data-driven and innovative solutions for your digital marketing needs. Our expertise extends beyond consulting on marketing technologies; we leverage our in-house technologies to fully automate your customized campaigns.

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I am convinced that we can develop a profitable automation concept for each customer, maximizing visibility while minimizing resource efforts. Massive product catalogs are fully automated and individually customized in real-time and strategically displayed. In this process, we also leverage artificial intelligence for support.

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Markus Hoffmann

Team Lead Automation

Our Marketing technologies

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Marketing Auto­mation

For data-driven marketing campaigns, automation technologies have become indispensable in our everyday lives. With our unique toolset, we can cover the entire process chain of marketing automations. In addition to significant efficiency gains, you also benefit from maximum customization options for your advertising campaigns. Elevate the performance of your online marketing to a whole new level.

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Private Affiliate Network

With our Private Affiliate Network Clickfire, we offer you an alternative to public affiliate networks. You will benefit from maximum control and exclusive, professional guidance for all your affiliate activities. The collaboration is highly effective due to our personal relationships with our publishers. Furthermore, integrated real-time reports enable you to monitor and optimize your affiliate undertakings.

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Bid Management

With our in-house developed bid management tool, BiddingLab, we are able to steer your Search, Shopping and Display campaigns fully automated and in a data-driven manner. This allows us to overcome constraints within the Google Ads context, securing high levels of control and flexibility in campaign management through AI-powered technology. The tool always keeps your individual business goals in mind!

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Strategic Consulting on Marketing Technologies

In addition to developing our own marketing technologies, we offer comprehensive consulting services to help you make your marketing efforts even more efficient with the right marketing tools. The marketing technology landscape has become complex in recent years, making it even more crucial to make this strategically important decision with the necessary experience and expertise. We give you an overview of the numerous possibilities and ensure that you lead your company to success with the right toolset.

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Achieving outstanding performance in online marketing requires a stable and valid data foundation. With our proprietary feed engine, Boost, we guarantee maximum data quality and flexibility for your product feed, providing an ideal basis for all your performance campaigns. Using this tool, we automatically transform your product data into high-quality product metadata, while never neglecting individual requirements for desired target formats.

Case Studies

Does this all sound a bit too theoretical? In these case studies, you can read about practical examples of the use of marketing technologies and how our clients have benefited from the use of our in-house tools:

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