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Marketing Auto­mation

With our in-house developed technology, we automate your ad campaigns with maximum efficiency, without compromising the individuality and flexibility of your ads.

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Why Marketing Automation?

ISince the invention of the steam engine, automation has been the primary driver of economic growth by massively increasing process efficiency. We harness this multiplier effect and our advanced technology to deliver results through marketing automation that would be unreachable manually. In this way, we apply principles of factory production to the online marketing world.

We define the necessary data inputs based on your needs and specify the desired outputs with campaigns and advertisements. Thanks to our automation technology, we can create a setup that fulfills all your requirements, from local targeting to complex animated video ads.

Our approach: 'standardized individuality'

Despite its factory-like nature, our approach provides the opportunity to highlight the unique characteristics of your content. Regardless of the size of your product or location portfolio, our software creates customized ads adjusted to each specific case. Considering your corporate identity, we define an ad layout in collaboration with you. We then determine the points where our software dynamically inserts texts, images, and animations, each tailored to a specific product or location. This is based on our principle of 'standardized individuality.'

Workflow of our automation technology

Our services

Our unique marketing automation engine allows for fully automated management of the entire process, from creating ads to building campaign structures, to deployment and maintenance.

Product data optimization: Our technology adjusts all input data, mostly product feeds, to specific campaign requirements and filters, segments, categorizes and enriches them with additional information (CRM, ERP data) as needed.

Cross-platform centralized campaign structuring: To keep track even with thousands of creatives per platform, we use an automated campaign structure that enforces key aspects such as tracking, naming, and structure across platforms according to a defined standard. This facilitates daily maintenance and enables fully automated cyclical reporting.

AI-driven ad & creative creation: Using our templates, we produce a large number of individualized ads in real-time. We harness leading AI providers to enhance our creativity in terms of communication. Even with a high frequency of changes, we process adjustments in the product catalog directly and update all affected ads.

Internationalization: We support the dynamic internationalization of your ads, including regional adjustments. We rely on both native-speaking translators and AI-assisted translations. The distribution occurs country-specific on dedicated accounts and defined platforms.

Automated bidding: Our software dynamically optimizes bids and budget allocation based on the performance of products and ads, replacing manual campaign deployment.

Tools & technologies

We have combined our in-house technologies into an intelligent toolchain, with our marketing automation engine at its center. Key components include our data warehouse technologies for processing product data and related advertising assets. Combined with our feed engine and bid management this toolchain is the ideal tool to centrally control your ad campaigns, especially with large product catalogs and frequent changes while automatically delivering them to your target audience. Additionally, we use common services from the Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

Channels & platforms

With our automation software, we deploy your ads on the most revenue-generating channels. We support all relevant campaign types and ad formats on Facebook, Instagram, and Google (search and display ads). Your individual requirements determine which platforms and channels are targeted. All channels are controlled from a central data source.

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