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Strategic Consulting on Marketing Technologies

We provide you with an overview of the countless online marketing technologies available on the market and ensure that you lead your business to success with the right tools.

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Choosing the right technology

The marketing technology landscape has become extensive and intricate over the past years and decades. The choice between various providers of tools for advertising, automation, CRM, data, affiliate or e-commerce has become more overwhelming than ever before.  When choosing the right MarTech Tools, various factors come into play, such as:

  • Pricing

  • Integrations

  • Features

  • Dependencies

  • Stability

It requires years of experience in handling the available tools to be able to make the right decision in each case. We support you in developing your online marketing with the right technology strategy, using appropriate tools for your business’s needs.

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Individual and comprehensive consulting

While our in-house development team primarily builds our own ad tech solutions, we recognize that we can't develop everything ourselves. Therefore, we regularly align our tech stack with ‘best-of-breed’ tools on the market, in order to always be capable of expanding existing tools or integrating our tech stack with the best tools available. 

We analyze the current state of your technology landscape, examine the circumstances, define specific goals, and then bring you together with the right technology partners.

Our services

  • Analysis of the current state

  • Benchmarking of the tools currently in use

  • Identifying optimization potentials

  • Support for meetings and video calls with potential tech partners

  • Introducing suitable tools

  • Coordination with relevant departments within your company

  • Support from our tech lead

  • Concrete recommendations for expanding, building, or optimizing your tech stack.

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