What the FAQ is Sunlab?

Who are the people behind Sunlab?

Employees from Sunlab playing table football

In our agency, we have a perfect blend of marketers, developers, and strategists. What we all have in common is our desire to achieve something together and celebrate success. We are convinced that with a friendly and respectful approach, we create an atmosphere to accomplish the best results.

We are proud of our team - get to know us!

Portrait von Dirk Schleyer

Dirk Schleyer

Portrait von Christoph Kern

Christoph Kern

Portrait von Jasmin Potyka

Jasmin Potyka

Portrait von Shirin Weber

Shirin Weber

Portrait von Katharina Bergmann

Katharina Bergmann

Portrait von Ina Kreckel

Ina Kreckel

Portrait von Lorenz Bock

Lorenz Bock

Portrait von Bastienne Rüppel

Bastienne Rüppel

Portrait von Tobias Neuberger

Tobias Neuberger

Portrait von Catherine Beaupere

Catherine Beaupere

Portrait von Chris Buchheim

Chris Buchheim

Portrait von Ann-Kathrin Habl

Ann-Kathrin Habl

Portrait von Markus Hoffmann

Markus Hoffmann

Portrait von Kristina Hein

Kristina Hein

Portrait von Jeanne Fayolle

Jeanne Fayolle

Portrait von Jonas Noll

Jonas Noll

Portrait von Luisa Gossmann

Luisa Gossmann

Portrait von Fabian da Costa Rodrigues

Fabian da Costa Rodrigues

Portrait von Ayleen Kiehl

Ayleen Kiehl

Portrait von Bruno Schreyer

Bruno Schreyer

Portrait von Maik Niekamp

Maik Niekamp

Portrait von Daniel Tucibat

Daniel Tucibat

Portrait von Fabian Hesse

Fabian Hesse

Portrait von Nantje Koppe

Nantje Koppe

Portrait von Timo Bachmann

Timo Bachmann

Portrait von Dennis Kendelbacher

Dennis Kendelbacher

Portrait von Vinayak Tripathi

Vinayak Tripathi

Portrait von Mira da Costa Rodrigues

Mira da Costa Rodrigues

Portrait von Niklas Heinz

Niklas Heinz

Portrait von Sophia Trippe

Sophia Trippe

Portrait von Daniel Fernes

Daniel Fernes

Portrait von Mirko Dabow

Mirko Dabow

Portrait von Benjamin Keller

Benjamin Keller

Portrait von Madlen Scheuss

Madlen Scheuss

Portrait von Martin Rak

Martin Rak

Portrait von Yannick Hillerich

Yannick Hillerich

Portrait von Torsten Jakoby

Torsten Jakoby

Portrait von Anja Fischer

Anja Fischer

Portrait von Thomas Brunner

Thomas Brunner

Portrait von Andreas Schulz

Andreas Schulz

Portrait von Mirjam Müller

Mirjam Müller

Portrait von Daniel Schuck

Daniel Schuck

Portrait von Felix Spahic

Felix Spahic

Portrait von Layla Ibadov

Layla Ibadov

Portrait von Marcel Schümann

Marcel Schümann

Portrait von Micha Krapp

Micha Krapp

Portrait von Stephanie Wiezoreck

Stephanie Wiezoreck

Portrait von Christoph Rüppel

Christoph Rüppel

Portrait von Evelyn Neschenz

Evelyn Neschenz

Portrait von Nadine Englisch

Nadine Englisch

Portrait von Larissa Kissner

Larissa Kissner

Portrait von Jule Baumann

Jule Baumann

Portrait von Karoline Klein

Karoline Klein

Portrait von Kevin Di Vincenzo

Kevin Di Vincenzo

Portrait von Annrica Kunkel

Annrica Kunkel

Portrait von Julia Franz

Julia Franz

Portrait von Marius Hofmann

Marius Hofmann

Portrait von Andreas Kraus

Andreas Kraus

Portrait von Emilia Spangenberger

Emilia Spangenberger

Portrait von Anneliese Gautrain

Anneliese Gautrain

Portrait von Melissa Langer

Melissa Langer

Portrait von Firat Cakar

Firat Cakar

Portrait von Simon Kunisch

Simon Kunisch

Portrait von Hanna Gönner

Hanna Gönner

We love facts & figures - learn more about us!

⌀ 32 years



Pet owners






Career changer

⌀ 4,16 years

Agency affiliation


From Aschaffenburg


Hawaiian pizza lovers

We share these values – what about you?


We always find the

smartest solution


You can rely

on us


We are innovative, data-driven

and tech enthusiastic

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We understand the needs

of our partners

Looking back on Sunlab´s history: What are we most proud of?


Our founding year

After five years as a Super Affiliate for various online companies, Andreas Kraus founded Sunlab GmbH, starting with a small office in the city center of Aschaffenburg.

Employee count: 2

Bild von Andreas Kraus und Daniel Schuck aus der Gründungszeit


Going international

We embark on our first projects beyond the German market, expanding into Europe and South America. We win redcoon as a client.

Nahaufnahme von Andreas Kraus während eines Vortrags

from 2013

We develop our own tools

Following Boost (Feed-Engine) and Clickfire (Private Affiliate Network), we develop more in-house Ad-Tech tools. We acquire Thomann as a client.

Vier Programmierer von Sunlab am arbeiten


We expand our portfolio

We introduce a new Head of structure and establish two new teams: UX and Data. Additionally, Programmatic becomes part of our service portfolio.

Employee count: 30

Andreas Kraus im Gespräch mit zwei Mitarbeitern


We see ourselves as pioneers

We become one of the first Google CSS partners and launch our Ad-Automation platform, BiddingLab. Furthermore, we establish an office in Hamburg.

Thumbnail des ersten YouTube-Videos von BiddingLab


We reinvest

We establish Sunlab Holding to invest in startups that we can actively support. In 2022, Sven takes over as the CEO of the Holding (former VP E-Commerce at Thomann).

Employee count: 51

Die Führungsebene der Sunlab Holding im Gespräch


We reorganize Sunlab

With a new corporate identity and cross-functional teams, we are taking our vision, mission, and USPs to the outside world. Campaign automation becomes an essential part of our DNA.

Portrait eines 3D-animierten Astronauten


We fulfill our dream of having our own office

After a 2.5-year construction phase, we move into the new Sunplex and launch our new website.

Employee count: 72

Andreas Kraus vor dem neuen Gebäude von Sunlab in der Bauphase
Portrait of Andreas Kraus

„Great clients, the best team, minimal bureaucracy, and countless growth opportunities make us a top agency as well as a top employer.”

Andreas Kraus

Managing Director

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