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Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising is the modern way of purchasing digital advertising space. By utilizing automated ad buying through real time bidding (RTB), a real-time auction process, you can achieve the best prices for your ads and optimize the performance of your online campaigns.

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Fully automated processes

Programmatic ad buying already accounts for over 50% of the market volume. We positioned ourselves early in this field and rely on close partnerships with leading platforms connected to all available advertising networks. With the help of programmatic software solutions, we can reach your target audience even more efficiently through targeted display ads, videos, or native ads. 

In programmatic advertising, buyers and sellers of digital ad spaces are brought together on so-called SSPs ( Sell-Side Platforms) and DSPs (Demand-Side Platforms) competing in an auction process to secure the best prices and ad placements. Thanks to fully automated procedures, the purchasing of ad spaces is highly efficient and exceptionally high-performing.

Graphic about the functionality of the programmatic advertising bidding process

Our services

We can cover the complete performance chain in Programmatic Advertising, including the following components:

  • Strategy concept

  • Media planning

  • Selection of suitable advertising platforms (DSPs)

  • audience segmentation, creation, and optimization

  • Placement optimization

  • Creativeshop for ad creation/adaptation

  • Operational campaign creation

  • Monitoring, reporting, and analysis


We rely on strong partners to achieve the best purchase prices and placements in Programmatic Advertising auctions:

  • Adform (leading European and independent DSP)

  • Amazon DSP (strong audience targeting based on Amazon)

  • Coming soon: Apple DSP

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