Data Consulting

Successful performance marketing relies on the meaningful and professional utilization of your data. We provide comprehensive guidance to ensure that you have an optimal foundation for your data-driven online marketing strategy.

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Performance through efficient data management

Digital (usage) data is more crucial than ever for a performance-oriented online marketing strategy. We assist you in making data-driven decisions with the right strategy and deriving meaningful recommendations for action.

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"In today's time, we all face ever-changing challenges, especially in the data field. Whether you have questions about existing software, technologies to implement, or best-practice solutions, we are here to support you in all matters related to 'Data' and together, we will take you to the next level, ensuring your long-term success in the market.”

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Benjamin Keller

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Our Data Consulting portfolio

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Data privacy-compliant and successful online tracking forms the basis for efficient performance marketing. We assist you in optimizing your performance based on data and gaining a deeper understanding of your customers' usage behavior. Only by collecting relevant and valid data and analyzing the insights gained can you derive meaningful optimization measures and make goal-oriented decisions.

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Data Warehouse

For a data-driven marketing approach, working with a central database provides a meaningful basis for further data utilization and analysis. Through a cloud-based data warehouse (DWH), we can unify all your external and internal data sources, ensuring a unified foundation for efficient data utilization and data-based decision-making.

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Data Strategy

In the era of Big Data, a professional data strategy is more important than ever. By incorporating cutting-edge technologies, we create a data concept with an optimal data landscape, enabling you to use your data in a structured and efficient manner to achieve your business objectives.

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Digital Analytics

In addition to building a meaningful and structured database, successful data analysis plays a crucial role in performance marketing. That's why we support you with our extensive experience in data consulting to implement, utilize, and optimize relevant platforms for data analysis. This way, you can transform and enhance the insights gained from the data into performance-oriented marketing actions.

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Privacy & Data Collection

As a leading performance agency, we will assist you with a sustainable privacy strategy, providing the right response to the constantly evolving data protection regulations. Our tracking and data specialists will give you an overview of your individual options for data collection and processing, offering concrete recommendations for action.

Case Studies

Does all of this sound too theoretical? In these case studies, you can explore practical examples from the different areas of data consulting.

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