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Digital Analytics

Successful online marketing thrives on impactful data. We take care of establishing a clean data structure, empowering you  to optimize the impact of your marketing efforts with a customer-centric approach!

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Achieving success with the right data foundation

At Sunlab, we refer to the specific setup, operation, and optimization of relevant data analysis platforms as Digital or Data Analytics. This enables us to assist you in optimizing marketing activities based on insights derived from data, thus enhancing overall performance.

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Digital Analytics at Sunlab

Prior to  commencing the actual collaboration, we conduct an assessment of your data foundation, known as a Data Analytics Audit. This process allows us to determine the current status and existing data infrastructure of our clients, which we then evaluate. Throughout this process various aspects of data analysis are considered, including Data Layer Management, Tag Manager control, and Analytics Tool.

The current preferred approach to data analysis  is the utilization of Google Analytics 4 with appropriate server-side infrastructure. However, depending on the client's situation, smaller analysis tools like Plausible may also be considered. In any case, we design the optimal Data Analytics Stack tailored to your specific circumstances.

Our services

In the field of Digital or Data Analytics, our services include the following points:

  • Data analytics audit

  • Data layer management

  • Tag manager configuration

  • Server-side tracking

  • Selection, consultation, and optimization of the ideal data analytics suite

  • Monitoring of events and data integrity

  • Looker Studio dashboards and reporting

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