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Data Strategy

It's all about data. We assist you in developing and pursuing a professional data strategy, empowering you to harness the full potential of your data.

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The right data strategy for your company

In the era of Big Data and the apparent omnipresence of digital information, having the right strategy for handling the information overload is more crucial than ever before. That's why we support you in the meaningful and efficient utilization of data through a proven data concept and a fitting data strategy tailored to your business goals.

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Our approach to a successful data strategy

To accomplish this, we analyze the existing data sources and contextualize them. Leveraging our experience in data consulting, we develop an optimal data landscape, incorporating the latest technologies. Working closely with IT stakeholders and all relevant departments, we unify and systematize your data. We firmly believe that a goal-oriented use and refinement of data can only be achieved with a forward-thinking data strategy.

"A clear data strategy is essential for effectively harnessing modern technologies, saving time and resources, and making informed decisions. By developing such a strategy, one can not only address current challenges but also lay the groundwork for future advancements in data analysis and processing, gaining a competitive edge."

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Benjamin Keller

Chapter Lead Data & BI

Our services

To lay the foundation for a successful data-driven business, we provide consultation and guidance in the following disciplines of data management:

  • Data strategy

  • Data security

  • Data concept and related workshops

  • GDPR compliance

  • Consulting and identification of appropriate cloud platforms

  • Data warehousing

  • Dashboards and reportings

Tools & technologies

Our primary focus lies in the Google Cloud Platform, with BigQuery as the leading data warehouse instance. Additionally, we work with AWS and Microsoft Azure in parallel.

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