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Benefit from maximum creative freedom, exclusivity, and professional assistance for all your affiliate activities with our Private Affiliate Software Clickfire.

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Flexibility and independence in Affiliate Marketing

Through the private affiliate network Clickfire, we foster a personal relationship with our publishers. We provide them with guidance on all matters concerning the affiliate program to ensure optimal cooperation with the advertisers - our clients. We have the ability to provide affiliates with the exact tools they need for optimal promotion and website placement. Clickfire empowers our clients to autonomously establish affiliate partnership initiatives, without the need for coding or industry-specific knowledge. Moreover, the private network embraces unique client needs, guaranteeing a tailored approach.

Our services

We manage active affiliates and handle inquiries from prospective partners. On the program's main page, you’ll discover current account metrics detailing your performance. This allows you to identify potentials and optimize your affiliate activities in collaboration with the Sunlab team. Affiliate publishers, in turn, benefit from maximum transparency through integrated real-time reports on Clickfire. Additionally, commission invoices that are paid out to the partner on a monthly basis are generated through the software. The invoices are accessible within the account for viewing and downloading.

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Clickfire is suitable for nearly every segment and advertiser. We are already active in various industries and markets, ranging from music to sports, leisure activities and even pain treatment products. Moreover, niche topics can be effectively addressed through the private network.This grants our affiliate team an extensive expertise, benefiting not only our clients but also affiliate publishers. We can accurately assess which program aligns with  the advertising space and whether additional advertisers could be a good match.

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"Clickfire provides an optimal foundation for managing our clients' partnerships. Optionally, we expand the circle to include public affiliate networks if they align with our clients' products. Affiliate marketing has evolved into a crisis-resistant and highly stable channel, enabling a strong bond and fair compensation for partners."

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