Achieving scalability in performance requires reliable data. Through successful online tracking, we make your marketing activities and achievements measurable. This enables the optimal development of your digital strategies and campaigns, all while ensuring GDPR compliance.

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No tracking, no performance

Transparent tracking is the fundamental requirement for successful and efficient performance marketing. By gathering pertinent and reliable data, optimization strategies can be deduced, leading to purposeful decision making. At Sunlab, we assist you in setting up your tracking and  guide you in analyzing the acquired data for new opportunities and potentials.

Our approach to online tracking

As the foundational data source for web analytics, we recommend using Google Analytics 4 (serverside). However, we also have experience with alternative  analytics tools, such as Matomo. Regardless of your preferred solution, we integrate all tags in a data privacy-compliant manner into the (existing) Consent Management Platform (CMP). If you don't already have one, we can also provide guidance in that aspect. For instance, we have extensive experience with industry leaders like Usercentrics or Borlabs.

Ideally, we manage different marketing tags (such as Meta or LinkedIn) centrally through the Google Tag Manager. This has the advantage of conserving your developer resources for further tracking measures after the initial setup. This not only makes your marketing team more independent but also saves you both costs and time. Moreover, this centralized approach brings the positive effect of enhancing yourwebsite’s loading speed.

For clear data visualization, we use Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio). This allows us to have access to all relevant data sources, for instance through the use of an API connector like benefit: all relevant KPIs are available at a glance in a single reporting, eliminating the need for various tools.

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Our services

Here is an overview of our web tracking services:

  • Developing a tracking concept

  • Audit or analysis of the current status

  • Technical implementation and setup

  • Collaborative definition of relevant KPIs

  • Conversion or event tracking (e.g., form submissions, app downloads)

  • Enhanced e-commerce tracking

  • Call tracking

  • Custom (real-time) reporting with Looker Studio dashboards, including aggregation from various data sources

  • Ensuring GDPR compliance through integration into the (existing) cookie consent architecture (CMP)

  • Web analysis using tools such as ScreamingFrog, Sistrix, etc.

  • Server side tagging as a solution to the 3rd-party cookie problem (Apple ITP / iOS 14)

Tools & technologies

For successful online tracking, we use a variety of tools. Solutions from the Google ecosystem such as Google Analytics, Looker Studio, Google Tag Manager, or Google Ads play a significant role. Equally important are connectors like or Supermetrics and Consent Management Platforms (CMP) like Borlabs or Usercentrics. Additionally, we also utilize other analysis and tracking tools such as Leadfeeder, Matomo, or Matelso.

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