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The privacy offensive in online marketing continuously presents the market with new challenges. As an experienced performance agency, we are here to support you in developing and implementing an optimal privacy strategy.

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Online Marketing in the wake of new privacy laws

The privacy offensive from various browsers and platforms has turned the way we can collect data on the internet upside down. There is no doubt that digital privacy  has become the most critical technological battleground since 2021 and will continue to be so in the coming years. Once considered a niche interest, it has now become mainstream. Apple has positioned itself (certainly not only out of goodwill) as one of the privacy pioneers: introducing a privacy label in the App Store, implementing an app-tracking nag screen, and making many other adjustments within the context of Safari. Google has followed suit in many ways, and now everyone wants to ride the privacy wave.

For our clients, the conditions in digital marketing have been thrown into turmoil since the privacy offensive. Suddenly, they find themselves confronted with the need to update Google Analytics or transition to another solution, and the once-hyped topic of attribution is gradually losing its ground.

Our approach to a professional privacy strategy

As a leading performance agency, we are right in the midst of it all. We will help you keep track of the changes and solve the issue systematically and for the long term. Drawing from not only our clients' perspective but also our involvement in numerous internal projects, we can provide concrete recommendations for action to adapt to the significantly altered landscape. Our tracking and data specialists work side by side to develop the perfect strategy tailored to your needs.

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Our services

  • Tracking according to current GDPR

  • Integration of Google Analytics 4 in accordance with GDPR

  • Setup and linking of data warehouses

  • Review and evaluation of currently used 3rd-party tools (e.g., MarTech tools)

  • Specific recommendations for action.

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