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Affiliate Marketing

As a performance agency, we understand that affiliate marketing is one of the most important and conversion-driven advertising channels in e-commerce. Through a customized setup, we significantly increase your reach, visibility, and revenue.

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Reasons for Affiliate Marketing

Those who claim that affiliate marketing is dead are ignoring the fact that the affiliate market has been consistently growing at an annual rate of 10% for years. This marketing channel is best suited for those who want to benefit from performance-based compensation. That's precisely why affiliate marketing has gained popularity among advertisers in recent years. With our extensive partner network, we ensure that you reach your target audience at the right time. Offers and products are placed on various websites or social media platforms to achieve significant reach and visibility. In this way, affiliate marketing helps you capture the attention of potential buyers and encourages them to make purchases through recommendations.

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Strong partner networks

A well-structured network is indispensable for successful affiliate marketing. Therefore, at Sunlab, we place great emphasis on setting up an individual, audience-specific partner program for our clients. We collaborate with prominent and well-known publishers and acquire suitable partners who showcase your offers optimally on their websites and authentically market your products. This enables us to create purchase incentives, increase shopping cart values, acquire new customers, or reactivate existing ones. Through performance-based compensation, you also minimize financial risk as costs are incurred only when measurable success is generated. 

Our affiliate clients have the freedom to choose their preferred direction and which partners to collaborate with. Throughout this process, our affiliate experts provide professional and personalized guidance.

"Among the variety of publishers, we find the right partners for our clients and regularly negotiate optimal placements - for affiliate marketing is not self-running, rather, it thrives on continuous communication and negotiation skills."

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Nantje Koppe

Chapter Lead Affiliate

Our services in Affiliate Marketing

The strategic consulting and management of the affiliate program encompass the following services:

  • Optimal setup and maintenance of affiliate partnerships, including communication with networks

  • Ongoing acquisition of new affiliate partners for program development

  • Support in planning promotions and campaigns, as well as conducting success- and customer-oriented negotiations with publishers

  • Performance evaluations and analyses aimed at continuous optimization measures

Tools & technologies

For successful affiliate marketing, we collaborate with well-known public networks such as Adcell and belboon, which offer a range of advantages. Additionally, we also manage affiliate activities through our in-house private affiliate network, Clickfire.

Channels in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can simultaneously be managed through various channels. We skillfully align the selection of publisher channels with your business model and strategic objectives. Here is an overview of the most important types of publishers:

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