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With our in-house feed management tool Boost, we ensure the highest quality and flexibility of data while optimizing your product data feed for maximum performance.

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Feed Management in Digital Marketing

Every e-commerce software allows exporting a proprietary product feed, while each target marketplace similarly demands a tailored feed format. Our in-house developed tool, Boost, functions as a feed engine, bridging the gap between shopping software and online marketplaces. It's primary function is to automatically process the proprietary feed output from the webshop using preset rules, ultimately achieving the desired output format (such as Google Merchant Center)

This approach grants us complete flexibility with your product data, all without the need of  any custom development in your shop. Furthermore, our tool effectively eliminates the majority of semantic and syntactic formatting errors. The outcome is a collection of detailed, high-quality product metadata.

How our feed-engine works

At Sunlab, we don't let technical issues within shops or target marketplaces hinder us. Instead, we take a swift and adaptable approach by introducing a connection between shopping software and marketplaces through Boost, our feed engine. This method even handles extensive product catalogs efficiently, without putting strain on servers, such as those of Google Merchant Center. The individual feeds are processed by the tool according to the requirements of the target channel's interfaces. In contrast to other solutions, our tool does not require installation, as Boost operates as a software-as-a-service tool. All we need is your feed’s address. Since we developed the technology ourselves, the possibilities are nearly limitless, and custom adjustments can usually be configured without hassle.

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Our services

Our services revolving around our feed-engine tool Boost include the following:

  • Feed processor: transformation of data into syntactic and semantic format A for platform A, as well as product filtering for platform B.

  • Product feed management: optimization and enrichment of product data.


Our in-house feed engine can serve all major ad platforms, price comparison websites, shopping software, marketplaces, or affiliate networks.

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