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We support you in efficiently harnessing the potentials of e-commerce and positioning your online business optimally - with a digital strategy focused on performance, perfectly tailored to your needs.

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Empowering success

E-commerce customers are a significant and important part of our portfolio. We employ specialists, some with over 25 years of experience at global players, who have significantly contributed to their success. In recent years, the entire e-commerce segment has experienced a significant boost.

Today, the focus is on aligning your strategies and processes in a way that positions your company among the top 5 in the industry while ensuring healthy and profitable growth. Additionally, it's essential to establish a strong presence amidst intense competition, particularly marketplaces and online retailers (pure players).

Performance-oriented approach in e-commerce

We have deep insights into various e-commerce industries and can provide you with fast and competent assessments of your challenges and potentials in the market. Our perspective is always holistic and strictly performance-oriented, starting with your online marketing channel mix, the technologies employed, and, not least, the right approach to reach your target audiences. We always strive for optimal positioning for you within the competitive environment. The spectrum ranges from finding the perfect niche where your business can achieve the best results to becoming an industry leader.

Our services

We support you in the following services to position your e-commerce business optimally and establish a strong digital presence

  • Strategy consulting

  • Potential analysis

  • Competition analysis

  • Market analysis

  • Workshops

  • Internationalization

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