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Bid Management

With our in-house Bid Management tool, BiddingLab, we automate and enhance the performance of your Google Ads campaigns.  Experience 24/7 AI-driven automation for optimized results.

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The alternative to „Black Box Bidding”

While Google increasingly pursues the approach of "Black Box Bidding," we can offer a targeted and transparent alternative with our in-house Bid Management tool, BiddingLab. In this way, we achieve the automation and data-driven control of your search, shopping, and display campaigns. Throughout, the tool keeps your individual business objectives in mind at all times.

Our approach to Smart Bidding

With our specially developed Bidding tool, we are able to counteract the limitations within the Google Ads context. The AI-powered tool utilizes an algorithm that allows us to have more control and flexibility in campaign management.

In this way, BiddingLab becomes a reliable instrument for delivering high-performance results for your Google Ads campaigns, thanks to its simple setup and AI-driven real-time optimization. For example, Smart Bidding settings such as Max. CPC can be applied wherever needed, not only for strategies based on the ratio of success to cost. It is also possible to use all bid strategies, not just selected ones, with Search, Display, and Shopping campaigns. Generating more website traffic or working with a target CPA is no problem at all with our Smart Bidding tool.

SEA isn't complicated, but it's certainly complex. An artificial intelligence tool like BiddingLab is tremendously helpful when you want to effectively manage large campaign structures in a dynamic competitive environment while keeping your performance goals in focus.

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Christoph Kern

Head of Business Development

A true collaborator

In our daily business, BiddingLab serves as a true sparring partner, providing effective solutions for bid and keyword management through its power and efficiency. 

In addition to bid optimization, effective ad scheduling, and device control, BiddingLab prioritizes maximizing the utilization of product metadata to position your products effectively with Google Shopping. With our AI-powered bidding algorithm, we aim to provide our partners with a transparent out-of-the-box solution to achieve better performance and respond dynamically to changes.

BiddingLab in the Google Ads ecosystem

BiddingLab is continuously being developed, taking into account the latest insights from the Google Universe. In doing so, we always keep the different needs of our customers in mind. Currently, our automation tool can control the following campaign types: Google Search, Display, and Shopping.

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