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Through the implementation of a targeted SEA strategy, we were able to significantly increase the number of conversions. Regarding SEO, we achieved significant successes in user numbers and impressions compared to the previous year by building a content section and through technical optimization of the website (period of analysis: June 21 vs. June 22).

Our client

BSH GmbH & Co. KG has been a pioneering expert in photovoltaics, accompanying Germany's energy transition from the very beginning. With a focus on renewable energy, energy self-sufficiency for homes, and modern heating solutions, they are forward-thinking in their approach. Since their establishment in 2004, the company has completed well over 10,000 projects.

Initial situation

In 2021, BSH GmbH & Co. KG approached Sunlab through a recommendation. The motivation was to expand and integrate a SEO and SEA strategy. Up until that point, the company had not focused on sophisticated search engine optimization or paid search ads. However, the rapidly growing competition, especially in the online sector, led to a desire to enhance their marketing disciplines.

At the start of our collaboration, the Google presence of the photovoltaic company was quite minimal: there were many unnecessary and outdated pages in the Google index, and there was limited content driving traffic to the site. Additionally, there was significant room for improving the technical structure of the website.

After several months of successful collaboration regarding search engine optimization, the Sunlab team also began managing the client's SEA efforts. Previously, no ads had been run, and leads were generated through lead portals, a practice the client aimed to discontinue.


Content section & technical optimization

In the sector of search engine optimization, our experts created a content section to attract visitors and potential new customers to the website using generic keywords. Simultaneously, the site underwent technical optimization to ensure fast loading times and high user-friendliness.

New campaign structure & AI-powered bidding

In the area of SEA, the initial priority was to establish a coherent campaign structure. Within a short period of time this structure yielded valuable data and generated leads. To enhance this effect, our in-house developed bidding tool, "BiddingLab," was brought into play. This approach further boosted the performance of the campaigns.

Mock-Up eines Laptops mit dem geöffneten BSH-Ratgeber

Results and achievements


Through the creation of a photovoltaic guide as part of content development and the technical optimization of the website, BSH significantly improved its online presence in the first year of collaboration. Impressions increased by over 1,000 % compared to the previous year, and metrics such as clicks, users, and keyword numbers experienced enormous growth.

Chart depicting the percentage change in various SEO metrics for our client BSH


The activation of our in-house developed bid management tool, "BiddingLab," in December 2021 didn't take long to yield results: the CPC decreased by 34 % within the first two weeks. Additionally, the cost per acquisition (CPA) was reduced by 74.35 % within the first nine months due to the tool’s implementation.

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-34 %

Cost per Click

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-74.35 %

Cost per Acquisition

Over the last nine months, continuous efforts were made to optimize campaign structure, keywords and ads, leading to a consistent performance improvement. Comparing the period from November 1, 2021, to March 14, 2022, with the period from March 15, 2022, to July 31, 2022, the following performance improvements stand out:

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+63.32 %


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+173.31 %


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-38.81 %


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+208.59 %


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-45.96 %

Cost per Acquisition

Next steps

Now the goal is to preserve and expand on these achievements. The level of content output that has been established needs to be maintained to continue driving traffic to the BSH website. Furthermore a website rich in content and therefore well-visited contributes significantly to the long-term increase in the brand awareness of BSH.

Additionally, at Sunlab, we continuously optimize the company's campaigns to continue benefiting from low CPCs and increasing conversions.

BSH is well on its way to becoming Germany's largest renewable energy contracting company.

"Collaborating with Sunlab has become an essential part of our marketing efforts. They provide immense support in website optimization, specifically in the crucial areas of SEO and SEA. The measurable successes confirm that choosing Sunlab as our dependable marketing agency was the right decision. We extend our gratitude for their consistently friendly communication and excellent collaboration."

Portrait von Eloisa Karolina Back

Eloisa Karolina Back

Marketing Manager, BSH Energie

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