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7.6x ROAS with catalog sales in the pre-Christmas season

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With a Pinterest campaign, we, together with Thomann, achieved a ROAS that is 7.6 times higher than the benchmark. This allowed the music retailer, with nearly 100,000 products in various languages, to make a compelling impact. The clever Pinterest tag setup in the webshop enabled a precise optimization of the product catalog, resulting in significantly higher reach and more engagement.

Our client

Thomann is the world's largest musical instrument retailer. With an annual turnover of over one billion euros, the music house is among the European e-commerce heavyweights and is also one of Germany's most popular online shops. While people outside the field of music may not be familiar with Thomann, musicians have likely had encounters with the shop at least once. Thomann serves over 90,000 products in over 23 countries through e-commerce, regularly presenting challenges that Sunlab tackles with great dedication.

Initial situation

Together with Thomann, we successfully expanded the performance strategy in the paid social sector on Pinterest. After integrating the Pinterest pixel, our focus shifted to building a full-funnel to be well-positioned for the Christmas season alongside the MFC campaigns. As many users start their search for gifts weeks and months before Christmas, Thomann wanted to showcase its offers on Pinterest as early as October. The challenge was to develop a creative and effective strategy to highlight Thomann's musical range on Pinterest in a creative way and engage potential customers.


In close collaboration with Pinterest, we developed a campaign setup with a focus on catalog sales. After successfully implementing the Pinterest tag in the Thomann webshop, we simultaneously optimized Thomann's extensive product catalog for Pinterest, positively impacting the reach and diversity of products, with up to 100,000 products reaching the optimal audience on Pinterest daily.

As an international company, Thomann utilized the multifeed option to upload product catalogs in multiple languages. Instead of traditional interest or keyword targeting, Thomann relied on catalog metadata for even more precise and individualized approaches.

From mid-October to the end of December, Thomann supported the lower-funnel campaign across Europe with targeted video ads specifically tailored to different regions. Keywords related to musical instruments and Christmas, such as "Christmas gifts for him" or "recording studio," were used.

Results & achievements

The Pinterest campaign exceeded all expectations. Thomann achieved a ROAS that was 7.6 times higher than the internal benchmark and also reduced CPA by 66 % compared to the internal benchmark. This specific campaign proved to be an outstanding performer in Thomann's marketing mix, illustrating that Pinterest is an ideal platform for Thomann as users are already in search of new inspirations and creative ideas, making them more receptive to creative and high-quality advertising content.

Next steps

Due to the campaign's great success, Thomann plans to further expand its Pinterest strategy. Based on the insights gained and the effectiveness of multi-objective campaigns, Thomann will implement a permanent full-funnel strategy to continue to be successful on Pinterest in the future.

With the experts from Sunlab, we were able to launch a large Pinterest campaign for the first time with impressive results. The platform has proven to be the perfect advertising platform for us, as users there are already in the right mindset.

Charles-Antoine Bocket

Head of Social Media, Thomann

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